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You get Periodisation and Training 1 – this is the first part of Module 4.

Here Broderick answers questions from Rawdon, Tom and Dean and the audience, covering:

➡️ Pathology and blood work – what tests are the most important and why?

➡️ Periodisation

➡️ Hypertrophy – the use of intensity and volume for natural and enhanced athletes

➡️ Hypertrophy – Overreaching, Minimum Effective and Maximum Recoverable Volume

➡️ Total work sets and Minimum Effective and Maximum Recoverable Volume per week

➡️ Mesocycle progression for Hypertrophy

➡️ When increasing set volume through a Hypertrophy Mesocycle, how frequently should this occur?

➡️ The deload phase in detail and when is it needed?

➡️ When considering de-loading – does this only apply to hypertrophy specific athletes

Deload – titrating and manipulating volume and recovery

Training to failure?

Here's what Australia's leading coaches and athletes have to say...

Join Australia’s top coaches and athletes who have had the Evil Genius Down Under experience:

  • William Crozier - Nexus Performance GC - AUS #1 U110 Raw Powerlifter
  • Matthew Batholomew - Team MB Powerlifting
  • Luke Leaman - Muscle Nerds - Coach & Industry Educator
  • Critta Stamatiou - Crittical Enterprises - AUS #1 U75kg Raw Powerlifter
  • Thomas Lilley - PTC Gold Coast - Head Coach

What is Evil Genius Down Under Online?

In April 2018 US sports performance expert Broderick Chavez unleashed on Australia in two expletive-filled seminars in Sydney and Brisbane filled with over 150 of Australia’s top coaches and athletes.

If you a bodybuilder, powerlifter, strongman competitor, strength athlete or coach then you need this!

Evil Genius Down Under Online is the FULL Brisbane seminar broken into 6 easily digestible modules.

Interviewed by three of Australia’s leading coaches, Rawdon Dubois, Tom Hewett and Dean McKillop, Broderick gives his insights into:

  • Diet Strategies for Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Strongman
  • Powerlifting Pharmacology
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Periodisation & Training Concepts
  • Diet Strategies for Contest Prep and so much more!


Evil Genius Down Under Seminar Broderick Chavez Rawdon Dubois Tom Hewett Dean McKillop

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Your Instructor - Broderick Chavez "The Evil Genius"

Broderick Chavez The Evil Genius sports performance expert is coming to Sydney and Brisbane for the Evil Genius Down Under Seminar

Renowned and infamous US trainer to Olympians and IFBB Pros Broderick Chavez is on his first Australian seminar tour in 2018. He is a sports performance expert, biologist, chemist, coffee connoisseur and an insomniac = Evil Genius!

Broderick Chavez has actively worked in Sports Performance Field 30 years.

He has competed at a national level in bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman, and has trained countless IFBB pros, olympians and athletes.

He wants to make you mad! He wants to make you work harder. He wants you to look closer. His greatest goal is to make you THINK.

Broderick is uncensored and controversial and rather than trying to prove to you or anyone else that he is the singular outlet for truth, he hopes to stimulate thought, experiment and dialogue that will bring us all closer to the truth.

Broderick was unleashed on Australia during the Evil Genius Down Under tour presented by Flex Success and The Under The Bar Podcast, and was joined on stage for an informal no-holds barred interview with three of Australia’s leading coaches – Rawdon Dubois, Tom Hewett and Dean McKillop.